Nedholm Design, Sweden

Nedholm Design, established in 1991, produces modern Scandinavian home accessories.

We use light Nordic Birch to craft high quality items that combine functionality, innovation and beauty.

Nedholm Design products range from small decorations to large furnishings such as mirrors, magazine-racks and table trays.

Ca 40 people are working with design, marketing, manufacturing and distribution at Nedholm Design.

There are over 300 different items in more than 20 different colours in our product range. Each order is manufactured according to our customers’ colour preference to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Our products are sold in design-oriented interior decor, furniture and gift stores in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.


Nedholm Design OY
Kiltsi Tee 14
90403 Haapsalu

Tel: +372 47 20460
Fax: +372 47 20461


Webmaster: Fredrik Beckvid Tranchell